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Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching Programs

For the client who desires to improve, enhance or develop their life and health; naturally. Our coaching programs address the 7 Steps to a Naturally Unbridled Life: Eat, Heal, Think, Act, Move, Sleep and Live — NATURALLY.

10 Reasons Equestrian Women Need
Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching

  1. You spend a fortune on horse supplements yet you don’t take your own multi-vitamin.
  2. The food you eat at horse shows contains about as many calories as your horse needs in a day.
  3. Your horse should be the one breathing heavily after your victory pass.
  4. Saddle-bags belong on saddles.
  5. Your horse may reach the top of his game in his teens; that doesn’t mean you should too.
  6. No one should need a chiropractor after giving you a leg-up.
  7. Your horse doesn’t eat at the canter but you constantly eat at 70mph.
  8. Yes, you need to miss your uncle’s birthday party to go to a horse show!
  9. Recovering quickly from the occasional unscheduled dismount.
  10. Your horse shouldn’t need meds after a tough lesson. Neither should you.
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Coaching Options

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Subscription Coaching
  • Self-Help Coaching Products

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While Patti works with all types of clients, as an accomplished equestrian and avid horse lover, Patti has an affinity for working with other equestrians because they understand the relationship between health and performance from their connection with horses. She identifies with the passion, drive and focus of equestrian women and works with them to balance their equestrian pursuits with all other aspects of their life and health.  Where other coaches may not comprehend the roles that horses play in our physical, mental and emotional health; Patti recognizes the countless benefits as well as the challenges. Patti will work with you to help you to:

  • Give as much attention to your own health as you do your horse’s.
  • Learn how to eat healthy while squeezing work, family, friends and horses into your day.
  • Discover methods to optimize your energy level in order to accomplish your goals.
  • Improve your connection with your horse by balancing your thoughts and emotions.
  • Learn exercises to improve your health and your riding.

You don’t learn to canter before you learn to stop and steer. Patti offers a 7-Step program to empower you to take control of your life, health and dreams in a logical, step-wise manner. Learn to Eat, Heal, Move, Think, Act, Sleep and Live Naturally using the concepts outlined in Patti’s book 7 Steps to a Naturally Unbridled Life. Whether you prefer to walk, trot or canter your way to optimal health, a coaching program will take you through the gaits at a pace that’s right for you. Enroll in a coaching program today and start improving your personal and equestrian life and health — naturally.

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As an experienced educator and teacher, Patti recognizes the value of humor in getting people to face their own reality. While Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching is serious, Patti approaches it in a manner to make it fun and enjoyable. This is apparent in her article 10 Reasons Equestrian Women Need Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching.

Healthy as a Horse: Equestrian women are driven, focused and goal-oriented. We take the care of our horses most seriously and read articles, attend seminars and interrogate the vet and blacksmith to make sure that our equines are in optimal health. We feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to provide our horses with the best nutrition, a complete exercise and relaxation program, and enrichment items to keep them entertained in the stall or paddock. We are concerned about controlling internal parasites and reducing stressful experiences such as bothersome flies, pasture bullies or separation anxiety. We want their joints to move easily, their coat to be shiny and their eyes to be bright. Our horses receive special shoeing services to ensure their gait is correct yet we trot around town in flip-flops; all the while drinking diet soda and eating fast food. If only we spent a fraction of this effort to ensure that our own health paralleled that of our equine’s.

leeI have had the pleasure of working with Patti for the past 3 years. I discovered very quickly that Patti is a great person to go to for advice. She listens to my concerns, and is always able to steer me in the right direction. Patti has an amazing ability to problem solve and see the best possible solution to any issue. I have always found her advice to be professional and extremely helpful.

Patti has inspired me to live a more healthy life. Our many conversations about eating healthy and moving well keep me motivated to exercise and choose my foods carefully. She encourages me to make choices that will benefit my lifestyle, and will yield results based on the roadblocks I am facing. Patti does not just hand out the same information to everyone, she gives advice based on who I am, what I do, and what my comfort zone is.

From nutritional recommendations to making difficult decisions, Patti is someone I depend on for her professional opinion and caring advice.

Lee – Beverly, MA

Horse Sense: Equestrian women understand the connection between health and performance and we would file litigation if a trainer gave our horse a stimulant every day before working her; yet we don’t start the day without caffeine. If we noticed our horse was a little stiff when he came out of the stall we would be ordering a joint supplement and cold hosing while scanning for signs of splints, abscesses or quarter cracks; but if we groan a little getting out of the car or run out of breath by the top of the stairs, we don’t give it a second thought.

Patti has really helped me. I was having significant health problems, and she made specific dietary suggestions that made me feel better almost immediately. She also helped me choose which supplements would be most helpful for me.

Since I started taking her advice on health I have been losing weight, my joints do not hurt, I sleep better, and I am happier. I have not been trying to reduce my calories either, although they have probably gone somewhat down. I eat all I want and feel satisfied longer because I am not as reliant on processed carbohydrates.

I continue to rely on her for health advice and encouragement!

Thank you Patti!

Nancy – Spencer, MA

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Get a Leg Up! Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching is ideal for the equestrian woman because she already recognizes the direct connection between health, appearance and performance — she just hasn’t translated that connection from horse to human. Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching provides you with tips, tools and strategies to naturally improve the quality of your life and health so that you can get optimal enjoyment from your equestrian pursuits. You and your horse should be in top condition.

Before I started Patti's program, I was 32 lbs. overweight and taking three different prescribed medications. My energy was low and I felt tired all the time. Patti worked with me to improve my lifestyle and gave me some nutritional suggestions that were very helpful.

After a year in her program, I have lost 25 lbs; I no longer need blood pressure medicine; and both my cholesterol and thyroid medications were reduced in half.

Two unanticipated benefits of being on Patti's program are that I am no longer allergic to cats and people have commented on my "radiant" skin.


Lorraine – Cape Coral, FL

You can lead a horse to water… Use the same discernment that you would if the decision were related to your horse when making choices about your own life and health. If your horse seemed to be lacking energy or was constipated or stiff-moving, you would learn about methods of restoring her to optimal health and call in an expert for help. You know how to make these decisions. Now, make them for yourself.

Over the past three years I have had the privilege of working closely with Patti on a variety of professional projects. She is the consummate professional who has the unique ability to work within diverse groups of people. On a number of occasions Patti has faced challenging situations in managing difficult group members, and in all cases her superior listening and management skills led to positive results.

What has impressed me most working with Patti is her extraordinary perspective. On more than one occasion I have consulted with Patti regarding difficult professional issues, and each time I have come away with an improved perspective and genuinely good advice.

She is passionate about everything she does, but in particular about health and wellness. For months Patti sent me links, emails, and flyers for her chiropractor which she thought could help solve my back problems. I finally came to the conclusion that if Patti believed so passionately that it would help, than it was worth going. I'm now two months into treatment and showing significant improvements, and more importantly my quality of life has greatly improved.

Patti cares deeply about the people she comes in contact with and strives to make everyone a little better. I'm certainly better for having worked with her!

Todd – Gloucester, MA

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Other reasons for working with Patti:

Are you concerned about:

  • Diseases that run in your family?
  • Fitting good health habits into your busy life?
  • The side effects of your medications?
  • Looking and feeling fantastic as you age?

The people who have worked with Patti have experienced excellent results.

What if you could…

  • Reduce or eliminate your need for prescription or over-the-counter drugs?
  • Have the energy to enjoy your work and family as well as your hobbies?
  • Slow or reverse the aging process by providing optimal nourishment and detoxification to your cells, tissues and organs?
  • Learn easy, affordable, convenient ways to eat healthy foods when you don’t have a lot of time?
  • Receive guidance from your own Natural Health Expert, Professor, Author and Coach on a regular basis?

Become Naturally Unbridled! Discover and implement countless tips and strategies to naturally improve your life and health — body, mind, spirit and planet.

Not sure if Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching is for you?

Apply for a no obligation 30-minute consultation.

Apply for a no obligation 30-minute consultation.



Patti Bartsch, Ph.D., of Naturally Unbridled, is an alternative and complimentary holistic health practitioner. She is not a licensed physician or medical doctor, therefore, does not treat, diagnose or cure diseases.